2. In the field of environment protection

2.1 Environment protection management

2.2 Diagnosis of environment problems upon impact with various kinds of pollutants

2.3 Impact studies
Environment impact studies (SI) are requested by the laws currently under effect in Romania, and their structure is defined in the OM (Order of the Ministry of Environment) no. 860/2002.They are an essential element in the documentation submitted by enterprises in order to obtain the environment permit and they aim at estimating the environmental impact entailed by new investments and by the technological improvement / re-engineering of enterprises.

2.4 Environment reports
The environment reports are environment studies elaborated by collecting data and researching it, with or without sample collection and assays, with regards to environment factors, depending on the size of the pollution, which includes all the elements of the technical analysis of the environment factors and allows making a decision as to the sizing of the potential or actual environment impact at a given site.

2.5 Environment protection studies and projects
Drafting the various studies and projects required in the vast field of environment protection.

2.6 Developing local simulation models while integrating digital field models.

2.7 Risk assessments
Risk assessment implies an estimation (including identification of the hazards, the size of the potential effects and the probability of occurrence of a hazardous event) and a calculation of the risk (including a quantification of the importance of these hazards and their consequences for people and or/ the affected environment).

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