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The Research and Design Institute for Ores - was built up in the year 2002, as an institute of researches and designs having as main object of activity: Fundamental and applied scientific research, design for development, investments, capital repairs, consulting activities, marketing and technical assistance, as well as productive activity, revisions, export - import and trade.

Beginning with 2002 and up to now our institute developed a great number of works in different activity fields.

The policy of our institute is an efficient one, based on ethical and moral principles, honesty, friendship, dynamism and professionalism.

The team of the The Research and Design Institute for Ores is a young and dynamic one, that guides itself following the principle of ~professionalism and punctuality~.

The activity sector: Research - development in physical and natural science, CAEN code 7310, and as secondary activities we specify: design activities, urbanism, engineering and other technical services - classification code CAEN - 7420 (making documentation for new technologies, profitableness studies, water treatment, pollution combating etc.)

The company activity develops the following stipulations of the Act no 31/1990.

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